Precision DDoS Protection

    The primary objective of distributed denial-of-service defense is to ensure availability of services to legitimate users. A modern defense requires advanced precision to improve effectiveness without damaging users.

    • Industry’s only 5-level adaptive policy escalation that minimizes damage to users
    • Machine learning powered zero-day attack protection
    • Actionable DDoS weapons intelligence at Internet scale

    Zero-day Automated DDoS Protection

    DDoS attackers continue to innovate and have automated their multi-vector attack platforms. Modern cyber defense requires machine learning powered automation that recognize cyber attacks and dynamically apply mitigation filters without advanced configuration or manual intervention.

    • Fast, automated response
    • No pre-configuration or manual intervention
    • Expert system calculates blocking filters in realtime

    Network Integrations

    Simple, seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure for on-demand reactive, always-on proactive, hybrid DDoS, and distributed detection with One-DDoS Protection deployment options.

    24-7 Emergency Response to Mitigate DDoS Attacks and Restore Service

    Leverage the A10 Networks DDoS Security Incident Response Team (DSIRT) to support your organization in the event of a DDoS attack. Receive immediate assistance to help restore your system to fully functional status and ensure business continuity.

    Threat Intelligence Service

    A10 Networks threat intelligence service uses a global knowledge base to deliver real-time protection from known bots, malicious IP addresses and potential intruders. It is continually updated to ensure accuracy and to protect networks and solutions from current and future threats.