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Carrier Grade NAT, Application Security & Availability

Telecommunication and Internet service providers need to proactively scale their networks, protect their users and infrastructures, and provide highly available services due to the increasing numbers of connected devices and applications, and the IPv4 public address exhaustion.

These challenges can be addressed by the wide range of A10 Networks solutions thanks to its 100% RESTful API support, integrated with the common Cloud, SDN, NFV and NFV / MANO environments.

Load Balancing and Web Application Firewall

Physical, virtualized and cloud ADC (Application Delivery Controller) solutions with integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS (AntiDDoS) protection serve internal load-balancing needs while ensuring the availability of applications and services.

Leading service providers around the world rely on the A10 solutions delivered in the form of hardware, software (virtualized or on bare metal) or cloud services. A10 application security solutions help increase customer satisfaction, monetize networks and increase revenue.

Protection against DDoS attacks

The AntiDDoS solution (Threat Protection System – TPS) provides both detection and mitigation of terabit DDoS attacks. Available on a dedicated hardware or in the cloud it also offers extensive deployment capabilities in the customer’s data centers, on the telco carrier’s side, or a combination of both, which opens further options for service providers.

A10 Thunder 14045 TPS

Translation and management of IPV4 and IPV6

The Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) solution helps ISPs and telecom carriers extend IPv4 network connectivity while moving to IPv6 standards. A10 solutions allow NAT44, NAT64 / DNS64, 464XLAT, DS-Lite and other mechanisms to be used side-by-side if necessary.

In addition to the best price/performance ratio on the market and advanced IPv4/IPv6 scenarios, A10 solutions also support the latest SDN/NFV concepts, including 5G networks.