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Protection of IT/OT networks and applications in industrial environments

The close interconnection between IT, traditional industrial systems and operating technologies (OT) in utilities (i.e. electricity, gas, heating, water supply or sanitation) and beyond requires specific protection against cyber threats.

New attacks take advantage of unprotected vulnerabilities in industrial systems whose upgrading is generally complicated due to operational constraints.  In the case of critical infrastructure, an attack or unavailability may have a major impact on the lives of the entire population.

IT and OT traffic protection from A to Z

Stormshield‘s industrial UTM solution effectively safeguards IT and OT infrastructures. The integration of security technologies provides manufacturing systems with multi-layer protection without affecting their operation.

UTM Stormshield SNi40

Stormshield Network Security’s intrusion prevention system combines protocol analysis and a comprehensive signature database to proactively defend against attacks and provide real zero-day protection.

The SNi40 industrial firewall is mounted in a ruggedized housing, allowing installation in harsh environments. Its software-based management console can be integrated with other systems to gain a unified IT and OT network equipment management center.

Furthermore, SNi40 is the only product on the market which has received the First Level Security Certification (CSPN) from ANSSI.

Load Balancing, Application Monitoring and Protection

A10 Networks Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), Web Application Firewalls (WAF), and Anti-DDoS Solution systematically protects applications, services, and enterprise IT infrastructure in utility companies. They also support integration with third-party solutions (such as Cisco ACI).

Embedded Application Performance Monitoring (APM) helps analyze application performance and behaviour, accelerate development and optimize delivery.

A10 Networks also helps organizations comply with regulations, and holds certifications such as Common Criteria EAL2 +, NIAP, FIPS 140-2 Certifications 1659 & 1963, the JITC-Approved Products List, ICSA Labs-Certified, and DISA Authority to Operate (ATO).