Our solutions

Network & datacenter optimized performance and protection for public administration

We support government departments and public institutions in their digital transformation into eGovernment, which requires highly available and secure web applications, protected networks and safe remote accesses.

Load balancing and web apps protection

Public institutions, especially state authorities, are expected to ensure strong application performance, cyber security and data protection while making use of their previous IT investments as much as possible.

A10 Networks supports integration with third-party solutions and facilitates the analysis of cyber threats, mitigation, detection and remediation of encrypted traffic.

Application delivery controllers (ADC), web application firewalls (WAFs) and antiDDoS solutions from A10 systematically protect web applications as well as networks typical for the public sector. A10’s simple all-in-one licencing also allows to protect these systems against advanced DDoS attacks. Additionally Application Performance Monitoring (APM) optimizes application performance and accelerates development.

Řešení A10 pro veřejnou správu

A10 Networks helps comply with HIPAA and PCI and holds governmental certifications such as Common Criteria EAL2 +, NIAP, FIPS 140-2 Certifications 1659 & 1963, the JITC-Approved Products List, ICSA Labs-Certified, and DISA Authority to Operate.

Wired and wireless network protection

The public expects public institutions to provide information in a simple, fast and reliable manner. Therefore, ensuring service and information availability is one of the main factors when selecting network security tools.

Not only must the public sector meet these expectations, but is must to do so while keeping its information systems safe against threats. Therefore, vulnerable networks are unacceptable. UTM firewalls Stormshield provide an effective response to malware and human negligence risks.

Critical infrastructure and sensitive data must be protected on multiple levels:

  • The network level, by separating the critical architecture from the day-to-day working environments in order to control access to data;
  • The application level, in order to prevent intrusions.

Stormshield Network Security products integrate intrusion protection with unified zero-day vulnerability management and built-in antivirus. The level of security of these solutions is proved by NATO, EU RESTRICTED, EAL3 +, EAL4 +, and FIPS 140-2 certifications.

Arista Airtight WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) has been protecting the Wi-Fi infrastructures of some of the world’s largest government agencies for more than 13 years. Furthermore, Gartner’s analysts have ranked it number one in protecting wireless networks for six consecutive years.

To provide even tighter security for wireless networks 
in the public sector, WIPS also facilitates automatic classification through behavioral analysis that continuously distinguishes between real threats and false positives.

Reliable Wi-Fi with automated management

Many public authorities in Western Europe and the USA use the Arista (Mojo) Networks cognitive Wi-Fi solution to adequately balance between reliability, performance, economy and security.

Arista (Mojo) Cloud – Central Cloud Management tool allows to monitor networks regardless of their size, from a single end-point, building to state-wide networks connecting multiple branches. Since Arista access points are completely independent, a customer won’t lose any of the controllers’ features in case of cloud connectivity failure.

Cognitive Wi-Fi based on machine learning and artificial intelligence enables advanced troubleshooting, including automatic packet capture, root cause analysis, and analytics right on the edge of the network.