Our solutions

Faster, balanced & secured datacenters, clouds, networks and applications for financial institutions

We help financial (banking and non-banking) institutions and insurance companies protect their networks and mobile devices
in a highly-regulated environment, and ensure the availability of their web services and applications.

High availability of web and cloud applications

A10 Networks enables financial institutions and large businesses to analyze applications, services and microservices running on hybrid load-balancing environments (hardware, VM instances, containers) through application management (APM).

The Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and the Web Application Firewall (WAF) help build and scale  low-latency infrastructure for high-value transactions and high-frequency trading (HFT) environments while maintaining speed, security and resistance to both application and DDoS attacks.

The ADC A10 Lightning for native cloud environments fully supports DevOps (CI/CD) processes in internal software development.

A10 Networks solutions for Finance and banking institutions

Secured access to cloud

Although cloud applications increase productivity and agility, they can also complicate regulatory compliance and increase the risk of business or sensitive data breaches.

The Bitglass Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) allows financial organizations to use cloud applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and ServiceNow on unmanaged, agent-free devices without compromising security and compliance.

In addition, its zero-day protection will switch any unmanaged cloud application into read-only mode, allowing businesses and financial institutions to safely enable applications their users need, for example, to communicate with customers.

As for managed cloud applications, Bitglass can block, encrypt or mask data in order to prevent leaks when a user tries to download information to an unmanaged mobile device.

Easy Wi-Fi management and network protection against penetration

How to provide reliable network for employees and customers in the area of finance? The cognitive Wi-Fi from Arista (formerly Mojo Networks) offers highly automated management and easy detection of root causes of potential performance issues through the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and the cloud.

Its on-premise or cloud-based administration tools also simplify central wireless network monitoring and management across all the branches.

A third radio inside the access point serves as a continuous automatic network performance sensor, and also as protection a
gainst rogue AP or unauthorized clients when combined with WIPS Arista Airtight.

ADC & networking for Kubernetes

In the era of hybrid, multi-cloud environments and DevOps needs microservices facilitate application delivery in enterprises and financial institutions.

A10 Lightning ADC for native cloud environments fully supports DevOps (CI/CD) processes in internal software development. Integration with Kubernetes is very simple thanks to the Ingress Controller. Administration including application analytics is provided by A10 Harmony Controller.

Arista Any Cloud for Kubernetes solution uses Arista vEOS and cEOS software instances to provide a uniform enterprise-class/cloud-grade routing platform with enhanced visibility and security features tied into Red Hat OpenShift and Tigera Calico commercial enterprise platforms. Cloud architectures built with Arista EOS scale to hundreds of thousands of compute and storage nodes. No changes to the Kubernetes environment are required because the Arista Any Cloud solution leverages the standard open source container networking interface.