European Certified Security Solutions for IT/OT Networks

Stormshield is the European leader in IT infrastructure security that provides solutions to protect industrial, IT and OT networks, servers, workstations and endpoints.

The multi-layered collaborative security approach provides interconnected protection for individual products across IT, OT, and cloud environments.

UTM Stormshield SNi40The range of Stormshield’s hardware boxes includes UTMs with a throughput of up to hundreds of gigabits. IPS protection, antivirus, antimalware and vulnerability manager integrated directly in the kernel provide comprehensive security for headquarters and branch offices.

The Industry UTM product line not only analyzes industry protocols to secure communication between authorized servers and stations, but also either permits or blocks specific commands. This feature is used mainly by industrial and utility companies.

Stormshield’s competitive advantages include the highest European certifications (EU Restricted, NATO, ANSSI EAL3 + / EAL4 +) and encrypted VPN traffic across locations, making it suitable not only for companies of all sizes but also for government agencies and critical infrastructure.

Use Cases

  • IT / OT protection of industrial environments (next-gen UTM firewall, IPS, antimalware)
  • Enterprise UTM and IPSec VPN Concentrator
  • Wi-Fi Captive Portal