SDN, cognitive cloud networking for large-scale datacenter and campus environment

Arista Networks was founded to pioneer and deliver software-driven cloud networking solutions for large data center storage and computing environments. Arista’s platforms, ranging in Ethernet speeds from 10 to 400 gigabits per second, redefine scalability, agility and resilience. Arista is a founding member of the 25/50GbE consortium.

At the core of Arista’s platform is the Extensible Operating System (EOS) built upon a stable, open source Linux core with a central state-oriented database. A ground-breaking network operating system uses single-image consistency across hardware platforms. Arista EOS Central offers access to development tools, scripting examples, and support to deliver real-world solutions that bridge the gap between what vendors build and what users want.

Arista Networks is a leader in building scalable, high-performance and ultra-low latency cloud networks with low power consumption and a small footprint for modern datacenter and campus environments. Purpose-built hardware with Arista 7000 family and Arista EOS, maximize system uptime, stateful fault repair, Advanced Event Management, Zero Touch Provisioning, latency analysis and a fully accessible Linux shell.

Arista’s Ethernet switching solutions include native support for VMware, network-virtualization and hundreds of applications. Arista’s hardware platforms are designed to meet the stringent power and cooling requirements of today’s most demanding data centers, proven advantages already in use in many of the largest cloud data centers around the world.

Cognitive Wi-Fi Helps Protect and Manage Networks

Arista Networks cognitive Wi-Fi (formerly Mojo Networks) uses the power of the cloud, analytics and open standards. It visualizes the quality of each user’s traffic and offers automatic root-cause analysis to simplify detection of potential network problems.

Thanks to the third radio on the Access Point (AP), it is possible to monitor and secure the radio spectrum without additional dedicated devices. A simulation of clients’ behaviour also allows to test the current Wi-Fi status without having to physically visit a branch office.

Arista AirTight (WIPS) provides quick and effective protection against malicious APs or unauthorized clients, e.g. by blocking unwanted traffic. When integrated with a security system, it provides immediate responses to new incidents.

Both Wi-Fi and WIPS can be managed from the cloud but also from a local instance if required (e.g. in highly secured installations). The traffic and security management takes place on the AP level, making it controller-less. Therefore, even if connectivity is lost, the AP will continue operating independently.

The competitive advantages of Arista Networks include easy management, high scalability, power and operational reliability, low total costs of ownership and high quality of service from a users’ point of view, regardless of what site or device they are connected from.

Use cases

  • High-speed backbone switches
  • Highly efficient access switches
  • Top of Rack switches with flat architecture
  • Network Infrastructure Integrated with VMware Platform
  • Wi-Fi network management from the cloud and on-premise
  • Wi-Fi intrusion prevention system (WIPS) with local/cloud management